Human Fetal Tissue from Elective Abortions in Research and Medicine: Science, Ethics, and the Law

April 1, 2020
Edition: Spring 2020
Volume: 35
Issue: 1
Article: 1

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Since the U.S. Supreme Court issued its landmark decision in 1973 to legalize abortion, over 60 million preborn have been killed by elective abortion.  While alive in the womb, these preborn are abandoned and not protected under current law.  But once aborted, their body parts are a highly esteemed and prized commodity amongst certain members of the scientific community.  Moral discourse is disregarded for the sake of science.  The public have been lulled and lured into believing that this practice must continue in order to understand and develop cures for some of the most debilitating diseases of our day.  But they are mistaken.  This practice is not necessary, especially in light of numerous noncontroversial alternatives.  Here, we expose and consider the false and misleading claims regarding human fetal tissue (HFT) in research from scientific, legal, and ethical points of view.  We endeavor deeply to understand the depth of the injustice in this practice and what forces promote and maintain it; and by revealing and understanding these forces, we set forth how these inhumane practices can be ended.   An accurate portrayal of the history of HFT use in research is provided, along with a close examination of the current state of this practice under existing laws.  The serious societal implications are also discussed, which will worsen beyond comprehension if these practices are allowed to continue.  The timeliness of this information cannot be overstated, and a thorough understanding is paramount for anyone who desires to know the facts about HFT in research and medicine and its detrimental impact for humanity.

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About the Authors

Affiliation: Charlotte Lozier Institute, Arlington, VA, formerly with the Medical College of Wisconsin and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI.
Affiliation: Charlotte Lozier Institute, Arlington, VA.
Affiliation: Charlotte Lozier Institute, Arlington, VA.
Affiliation: Charlotte Lozier Institute, Arlington, VA, Asymmetrex, LLC, Boston, MA.
Affiliation: Charlotte Lozier Institute, Arlington, VA.