“Three Decades of Research:” A New Sex Ed Agenda and the Veneer of Science

This article is a critique of the research review, “Three Decades of Research: The Case for Comprehensive Sex Education,” by Goldfarb and Lieberman (2021). That paper purports to show “strong support” for the effectiveness of school-based comprehensive sex education (CSE) at producing many benefits beyond its original goals of preventing teen pregnancy and STDs.

The New Sexual Revolution: Protecting Our Children from the Hedonistic Dangers of “Comprehensive Sex Education”

Children currently comprise just under 23% of our population but remain 100% of our future. It is therefore incumbent on us to ensure the most healthful future possible for them. This paper presents an evidence-based “K-12 Standard for Optimal Sexual Development” to encourage the education of children about sex risk avoidance (SRA) behaviors such as monogamy, relationship skills, and healthy psychological traits as an alternative to Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) which is not based on age-appropriate sexual milestones or behaviors.