State Regulation of Ensuring the Quality Medical Care During Martial Law in Ukraine: Lessons for the International Community


In this article, Olena Korolchuk et al. examines state regulation of medical care quality post-COVID and during martial law in Ukraine, identifying areas for improvement. It emphasizes state roles in healthcare standardization, continuous feedback monitoring, and studying patient satisfaction. Interrelationships among Ukraine’s state regulation mechanisms are determined, highlighting the need to enhance tools such as criteria and quality indicators for medical care assurance. The authors utilize various scientific methods, including analysis, synthesis, induction, and deduction, as well as historical and legal, formal legal, and comparative legal methods to examine the state regulation of ensuring the quality of medical care during martial law in Ukraine. The article considers the interrelationships of mechanisms and instruments of state regulation of quality assurance of medical care in Ukraine. It concludes that the state should enhance medical care quality regulation, drawing on international experiences from the EU and the USA and adapting best practices to national circumstances. The resilience of the healthcare system depends on effective quality assurance, ensuring preparedness, stability, and ongoing improvement prospects.