Abortion and Infertility

October 1, 2020
Edition: Fall 2020
Volume: 35
Issue: 2
Article: 4

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The purpose of this article is to examine one potential factor that might negatively impact female fertility, namely induced abortion.  While there appears to be a general consensus that there is no association between abortion and infertility, amongst the publications that do exist there is nevertheless evidence to the contrary.  Moreover, given the variety of reasonable grounds for a link, and the insufficient attention to the subject by researchers, a re-examination of the field is warranted.  Abortion, whether surgical or medical, is one of the most common medical procedures undertaken by women, so even a small effect could influence large numbers of women, and therefore couples.

If it were known that abortion was an underlying cause of infertility, it would be an ethical and legal requirement for medical professionals to inform women before consent is obtained.  A case could even be made that if research were inconclusive, inadequate or preliminary, women should nevertheless be informed.

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Affiliation: Senior Research Fellow, Bios Centre, London. Bachelor of Sciences with Honors in Physiology; Doctor of Philosophy.